The Amaryllis Quartet regularly offers chamber music courses for pupils, students and ambitious amateur musicians. Intensive participatory work on string chamber music, particularly quartets, forms the heart of every course.

Previously prepared full works or individual movements will be refined, both in musical intention and sound concept, under the guidance of the faculty members.

During its concert tours through South- and Central America, the quartet tought children and young adults in projects like Arpegio Peru.

This little trailer shows some impressions of a masterclass in Switzerland in 2010.


In 2015 the quartet will teach in a masterclass in Lübeck (allready booked up) and in Dresden (Germany).

If you are interested in taking part in the masterclass in Dresden (Sept. 24th to 27th), you will get all informations from Mr. Norbert Kiene by sending him an email: 

Closing date for applications is June 30th 2015.